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India Greenhouse Horticulture Market Size Worth US$ 271.25 Million by 2030 |CAGR: 4.19%

According to the study undertaken by Astute Analytica, the India greenhouse horticulture market held a market value of US$ 190.84 Million in 2021 and is estimated to reach US$ 271.25 Million by the year 2030. The market is expected to register a CAGR of 4.19% during the forecast period 2022-2030. In 2021, India’s greenhouse horticulture production was 27.71 million tons. In terms of volume, the market is registering a CAGR of 3.37% during the forecast period 2022-2030.

Greenhouse horticulture is also known as protected cropping as it provides a customized growth environment to the plants. Greenhouses can alter environmental parameters, such as light, humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and protect the crops from adverse weather, pests and diseases. Moreover, the interiors are constructed with various materials, such as glass, hard acrylic plastic, polyvinyl chloride and polycarbonate in order to maintain a slightly warmer temperature inside than the outside. Crops such as pepper, colour capsicum, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, dutch rose, herbs and strawberry are commonly grown in greenhouses.

Furthermore, poly house technology of greenhouse horticulture decreases dependance on rainfall and makes the optimal use of existing land, labor and water resources. Also, it increases production capacity by reducing crop time. In addition, polyhouse technology leads to increase the yield of vegetables, fruits and flowers without compromising with their color and quality. However, the sudden emergence of the COVID-19 epidemic lead in the temporary halt of numerous agricultural activities and thus negatively impacting overall growth in the greenhouse horticulture business. The typical food supply system has been disrupted and altered by COVID-19.

Cost Involved in Greenhouse Cultivation 

Fixed Cost 

  • Land and development
  • Green house
  • Cold storage
  • Grading and packing room
  • Refrigerated van
  • Power supply installations
  • Water supply system
  • Planting material 
  • Furniture

Maintenance Cost 

  • Electricity charges / year
  • Manures and fertilizers
  • Plant protection
  • Preservatives 
  • Air freight
  • Packing material
  • Overhead costs
  • Commission / duty/ insurance

Market Dynamics and Trends 


Factors such as robust increase in population and food demand and rising entrepreneurship under horticulture due to government intervention will boost the India greenhouse horticulture market during the forecast period. The enormous increase in Indian population is constantly putting pressure on scarce land and water resources. In order to meet the augmented food demand, greenhouse horticulture is gaining prevalence owing to its numerous benefits. Moreover, various patterns of assistance have been introduced by the Dept. of Agriculture & Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture and Govt. of India for the growth of agriculture. The subsidy programme of National Health Mission (NHM) and Horticulture Mission for Northeast and Himalayan states (HMNEH) under Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH) are supporting the farmers to invest in the greenhouse technology that are serving them with better earnings prospects. 


High fixed and maintenance cost in greenhouse cultivation is a restraining factor which inhibits the growth of the market during the forecast period. Greenhouse farming is more suitable on a smaller surface rather than the big field area. The cost depends utterly on the type of greenhouse structure and technology used such as polyhouse, low tunnel, polyhouse, shade net and mulch. Based on cost structure, the greenhouse is bifurcated as low cost or low-tech greenhouse, medium-tech greenhouse and hi- tech greenhouse. 


Increasing technological advancement under horticulture sector provides a lucrative growth trend in the India greenhouse horticulture market. The novel technical advancements include improved cover materials, alternative nutrient resources, LED lighting and sensors that are supposed to add more digitalized, programmed and unconventional greenhouse horticultural production.

Market Insights 

India Greenhouse Horticulture Market Insights by Covering Material

Based on covering material, India greenhouse horticulture market is segmented into plastics, glass, polyethylene (PE) film, polycarbonate, acrylic and other. The plastics segment holds the largest share in the India greenhouse horticulture market in 2021. Increasing plastic consumption in various industries such as construction, automotive and electronics drive the plastics market growth. Using of plastics as a substitute in the place of metals in automobile sector to reduce weight and increase fuel efficiency is one of the key factors for its highest market share. Moreover, the polycarbonate segment is expected to project the highest CAGR in the market over the forecast period owing to its slowly rising demand due to growing awareness regarding its benefits over other materials. The growing demand of medical industry and use of polycarbonate against materials like glass and acrylic is the major driving factor.

India Greenhouse Horticulture Market Insights by Crop Type

Based on crop type, India greenhouse horticulture market is segmented into fruits, vegetables, flower & ornamentals, nursery crops and others. The vegetable segment is anticipated to hold largest market share over the forecast period owing to growing production of vegetables through greenhouse horticulture. Factors such as growing population, growing demand and increased production of vegetables are some major reasons for the segment growth. Moreover, with the R&D expenditure by the seed companies to bring better quality vegetable seeds and various government incentives supporting the vegetable seed sector are some of the factors driving the market growth. 

India Greenhouse Horticulture Market Insights by Greenhouse Type

Based on greenhouse type, India greenhouse horticulture market is classified into lean-to greenhouse, detached greenhouse, ridge & furrow greenhouse. The detached greenhouse segment dominated the India greenhouse horticulture market and is also anticipated to grow at the highest CAGR over the forecast period. Moreover, the detached greenhouse segment has several advantages which are suitable for most crops production such as easy to program and maintain temperature, easier to ventilate, uniform light entering process and easier to care and maintain.

India Greenhouse Horticulture Market Insights by Technology

Based on technology, India greenhouse horticulture market is segmented into low-cost tech, medium tech and high-tech segments. The medium tech segment holds the highest market share in 2021 owing to various technological advancements in this segment by market players. Moreover, the high-tech segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR over the forecast period. High tech is mainly related to the commercial farming. To increase yields, ensure high quality and increased market value, between growth and uniformity in quality are the driving factors of high-tech segment. 

India Greenhouse Horticulture Market Insights by Application

Based on application, India greenhouse horticulture market is classified into food products, ornamentals, medicinal ingredients and others. The food products segment held the highest share in the India greenhouse horticulture market in 2021 owing to growing demand of food in India. Also, the availability of organized retail space motivates the industry to increase the growth of both local and international brands across different formats. Moreover, the ornamental segment is anticipated to grow at the highest CAGR over the forecast period owing to the increasing demand for ornamental plants.

Competitive Insight

India Greenhouse Horticulture Market is highly competitive in order to increase their presence in the marketplace. Some of the key players operating in the India greenhouse horticulture market include Godrej Agrovet Ltd., UPL Ltd., Goodricke Group Ltd., Tata Coffee Ltd., Kaveri Seed Co Ltd, Keventer Agro Ltd., Raghuvansh Agrofarms Ltd, Tropical Agrosystem India (P) Ltd., Vanashree Agriculture Private Limited, Corteva Agriscience India Pvt Ltd, East West Seed India Pvt Ltd, Ebro India Pvt Ltd, EI Dupont India Pvt Ltd and Cargill India Pvt Ltd among others.

Segmentation Overview 

India Greenhouse Horticulture Market is segmented based on covering material, crop type, greenhouse type, technology, application and country. The industry trends in the greenhouse horticulture market are sub-divided into different categories in order to get a holistic view of the Indian marketplace. 

Following are the different segments of the India Greenhouse Horticulture Market:

By Covering Material segment of the India Greenhouse Horticulture Market is sub-segmented into:

  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Polyethylene (PE) film
  • Polycarbonate
  • Acrylic
  • Others

By Crop Type segment of the India Greenhouse Horticulture Market is sub-segmented into:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
    • Root Crops
    • Leafy Greens
    • Fruits Crops
  • Flowers and Ornamentals
  • Nursery Crops
  • Others

By Greenhouse Type segment of the India Greenhouse Horticulture Market is sub-segmented into:

  • Lean-to greenhouse
  • Detached greenhouse
  • Ridge and furrow greenhouses

By Technology segment of the India Greenhouse Horticulture Market is sub-segmented into:

  • Low cost
  • Medium Tech
  • High Tech

By Application segment of the India Greenhouse Horticulture Market is sub-segmented into:

  • Food products
  • Ornamental
  • Medicinal ingredients
  • Others

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